Tuesday, 3 January 2012

January sales shoe shopping!

I caved. I admit it. I told myself that I'd save my Christmas money to go towards something sensible, but the lure of the big red reduction signs were too much! 
But hey, shoes are sensible- right? I wear them every day! (Okay, let's not mention everything else I bought for now, shhh!)

Dorothy Perkins
£20 reduced from £35

First up, we have these lush Chelsea boots as I mentioned in my last post. These were only £20 from Dorothy Perkins, and I just can't resist a price like that. They feel really well made and the soles are nice and thick. I was tempted by them even at their full price of £35 (they're still this price online however, sorry..), so I was chuffed when I went in store today and saw the reduction. I'd definitely recommend these if you can't justify the massive Topshop price tag, but want higher quality than New Look.
think I like that they're more slouchy than their Topshop brothers, but I haven't quite decided yet. I definitely think that they're more wearable, but they're not quite as striking in my opinion.. Super comfy though!

I've just realised how awful the lighting in here is for photography at night, sorry, just bare with me!

These sweet little brogues were £19.99 down from £35 in Republic. They're Schuh though, so you can probably get them there too - although I can't find them online at either store. They're made from really soft suede, which although quite unpractical for this British weather - is just so pretty! It was the ribbon laces that actually drew me to these shoes, I love this style of lace! The scalloped edges, although a little overdone by now, are perfect too.

I'm taking bets on how long these will last though, although they feel well made I know it's going to start raining while I have these on, or I'll have to walk up a muddy hill!

Expect a post soon about my clothing bargains too - I love sales shopping, and I guess my bank balance likes it more than shopping at any other time of the year..

Sara :)


  1. They're both lovely, i'm desperate for some chelsea boots! xx

  2. I have those chelsea boots! They are amazingly comfy and so cute, I wear them constantly! :D

  3. I've got chelsea boots too!I like them soooo much!you can see mine here *Chelsea Boots
    I'm following you now,I like your blog (:

  4. You got some great shoes. Love it :D xxx

  5. You can't beat a good old chelsea boot! I bet you got some amazing clothes too (:

  6. I love those chelsea boots! :)x



  7. I love a good bargain, unfortunately my purse is not so keen. I need to stop buying sale stuff, but I can't believe there is still so much winter sale left in the shops