Sunday, 31 July 2011

Review: Bare Minerals Buxom Lip Polish in 'Dolly'

I received this lip polish in a gorgeous Bare Minerals 'eyes, cheeks and lips' kit for my birthday a couple of months back. It has become a firm favourite and you'll soon see why.
It transforms the smallest lips into gigantic tingling ones with just one sweep of the sponge wand.

So, on with the pictures. Please excuse the gash in my lip, my boyfriend accidentally headbutted me..

In 15 minutes my lips went from this..

To this! 

WHAM! I love the shade, it's a gorgeous pink - while not being too in your face. I have quite pigmented lips anyway, so I think this really brings that out in them.

The gloss in non-sticky, which is a real bonus for somebody like me with long hair!

The only downside of this lip polish is the price - £18 for 4g. This is justified to a degree as you really don't need to apply much to get this effect, plus well.. it's Bare Minerals!

What are your miracle products?

Thanks for reading!
Sara x

My prom look

So I'm only just getting around to showing you my prom look! It's been almost a month since the big night- so I decided it was about time to share what I wore with you.

I did my make-up myself as I trusted myself to get it right!


Primer - No7 Shine Free Primer
Foundation - Benefit Some Kind-a Gorgeous Lite
Blush - Bare Minerals blush in Kiss
Lips - Clinique lipstick in Wow Violet with some MAC Vegas Volt on top
Concealer - Rimmel Hide The Blemish in Ivory
Eyes - Bare Minerals in 'Nurture' 'Smoke' and 'Winter White'



Spiral curls with flower pins from Boots.
Styled by a local salon last minute following a hair disaster courtesy of my mum!

I was so happy with the whole look, I felt really confident and had a great night!

Did anyone else have their prom recently?

Thanks for reading! :)

Sara x

My 7 make-up essentials!

I thought you might like to know which basic products I wear daily. This routine stays pretty much the same day in day out- I love finding products that work for me!

Benefit Some Kind-a Gorgeous in Lite
Review here

Helen E eyeliner in black

Unbranded foundation brush from Amazon

Bare Minerals blush brush

No7 Exquisite curl mascara in Brown Black

Bare Minerals blush in Kiss

Bare Minerals lip polish in Buxom
And that's it! Just ask if you'd like to see any of this products on, or if you'd be interested in my FOTD using these products.

I'd love to know what your make-up essentials are!
Have a great day!
Sara x

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Life in a day..

Can't wait to see the full Life In a Day film - the trailer alone looks amazing!

Best of: High Street A/W 2011 collections

Hello to all my new followers! I've had a surge of enthusiasm towards blogging seeing people supporting me and what I write - so thank you all!

As I'm sure you've seen, in the past week or so the high street stores have been releasing previews of their Autumn/Winter collections. I'm just going to give you a brief lowdown of my favourite pieces from the main retailers.

New Look

Boxy cardigan -  £22.99

Button front skirt - £22.99


Roll up sleeve jacket - £30

Dorothy Perkins

Balloon sleeve dress - £26
Laser cut boots - £32


Star print tee - £32

Contrast sleeve leather jacket - £150

River Island

Ankle borg boots - £74.99

Long line blazer - £55

It's unusual to be able to say that each high street retailer (and Boohoo!) has something I would genuinely wear. I'm happy with each collection because each brings something individual to A/W 2011.

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Paper Punch Garland - A Photo Tutorial

grace and light: Paper Punch Garland - A Photo Tutorial: " "

How cute is this? Going to try and find a hole punch like that now - TO EBAY!

New Office sandals..

So I bought these cut out sandals from the Office online sale. I thought the mark-down was really amazing (from £48 down to £20) and figured they'd go with everything.

I received them in the post earlier (speedy delivery Office, well done) but I was a bit disappointed by how they look on.

The strap that goes across the foot is really unflattering, and the shoes are really much flatter than I anticipated.

I'm not sure whether to take them back or not, what do you think?

Monday, 11 July 2011

Book review: Looking for Alaska by John Green

So I have this ridiculously long summer. I finished my GCSEs nearly a month ago now, and the summer seems like it'll never come to an end. Of course I have things planned, but what I really wanted to do was to read. 

I used to read unimaginable amounts before I started Secondary School, but as soon as I hit about 12 BAM - I didn't set foot in the library once. I'm not saying I stopped reading altogether, but I went from ravishing a book a day to maybe one every couple of months.

So seeing as I hope to study English Literature at university, I decided that no time was like the present for reading anything and everything that interested me. Starting with this book, Looking For Alaska.

John Green, as you may or may not know, is an increasingly popular Youtube artist. He makes videos along with his brother, Hank, on the Vlogbrothers channel (check them out, trust me, they're good!).

So, on with the review.
At first glance I expected this book to be just another teenage novel, all airheadedness and easy to digest words. I gave it a go only because I've seen and enjoyed the author's Youtube channel. I was so so unbelievably glad to be proved wrong. The book was so much more than I expected it to be, it was deep and meaningful - yet still connected with teenagers on a level most other fellow teenagers can't even manage (John Green is 33).

The novel was relatively short (one of those books that you really don't want to end), but was so thought provoking in its 221 pages that as soon as I closed the last page I got straight onto Amazon to buy myself a copy (the copy I read was from the library). 

The story revolves around an unconventional relationship between Miles Halter, the protagonist, and Alaska Young. Telling you any more would ruin it, please take my advice and DON'T read any spoilers or the plot of this novel as YOU WILL ruin it for yourself. A main message of the book is to embrace the unknown.

So on that note, embrace the unknown by going straight to buy a copy of this amazing book, you will not regret it!