Saturday, 18 May 2013

Wantworthy - the latest wishlist trend?

So you all remember Fantasy Shopper and the hype that surrounded it, the ability to 'buy' items of your choosing from all of your favourite shops and make outfits with them. I remember wishing I could add stuff from any site, and have everything organised into events, or summer/winter wardrobes.

Wantworthy gives you the opportunity to do just this! All you have to do is sign up then add a 'WANT' button to your bookmark bar, then every time you see something you like you click the button. Wantworthy then adds this to your virtual wishlist and cleverly detects the price, description, picture and category of item (dress, shoes, denim etc..).

Then on your list at Wantworthy you can see the items you want organised by store, category or group.

I really do think that this is a brilliant way of categorising the things on your wishlist. I'm in process of  creating a 'Uni Wardrobe' list of things I'd like to take with me in September, but I've also started a beauty wishlist and a hypothetical 'I'M REALLY RICH' list!

Hope you all enjoy using the site, and make sure to send me your Wantworthy lists- I'd love to see the things your little hearts desire!


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  1. Hey Sara, if you like Wantworthy you might want to try It has all the Wishlist type features of Wantworthy where you can save products from any site but it also has the added benefit of Price Drop Alerts. It tracks all the products in your list and alerts you if any of them ever drop in price or go on sale!