Tuesday, 31 July 2012

REN Glycolactive Skin Renewal Peel Mask Review

Wow. Simply wow. This mask really does work wonders. Since I started using it every other day a couple of weeks ago I have noticed a drastic improvement to my skin's tone and general condition. It has calmed breakouts and cured my British 'summer' dullness.

You are advised to spread a generous amount all over your face, but I've just been using it on my T-Zone as the rest of face has been doing pretty well recently. It has a nice thick consistency and tingles slightly when applied, which really gives you the impression that it's doing it's job.

Unlike other masks I've applied in the past, this gives instant results. As soon as I wash it off (I've taken to exfoliating it off with a REN muslin cloth) I am amazed by my skin.

I've never been one to skip foundation, but recently I genuinely haven't needed it thanks to this mask. I realise this seems like such a gushing review, I just can't find a negative about this mask.

One thing I do have to add though, is that this costs £30 for 50ml. I know that this isn't astronomical, and you do only need the smallest amount to cover your T-Zone- but I'll definitely be eeking out this 15ml sample tube.


  1. I remember getting a sample size of this a while back and really liking it. Way too expensive for my poor budget now :(
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  2. Sounds amazing, I've recently been trying out some REN samples I got in red magazine and I'm absolutely lovely them! Too bad they have such a high price tag xx

  3. lovely post! :) i'd love to try this but its a bit out of my budget hahha ;)