Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Review: Benefit Some Kind-a Gorgeous Lite

So I ventured into Debenhams desperate for a foundation that didn't make my ridiculously pale skin appear orange (if anyone knows some good foundations for paler skin- please let me know!).

I was drawn right away to the Benefit counter (as always!) and this product was suggested to me by a drop-dead gorgeous saleswoman. I'd had a bad experience with this foundation before as I'd bought it before the company introduced the 'Lite' version for pale skin - at the time the sales assistant reassured me that I looked perfect (by perfect I'm guessing she meant orange..).

Benefit Some Kind-a Gorgeous Lite - £23.50

The foundation is a creamy, perfectly pale substance housed in a very cute compact along with a mirror and a terrible quality sponge. Compact is exactly the way I'd describe this foundation- you get so little product for your money! This is the only negative point I could find about this foundation, but it's quite a big negative. With daily use I imagine it would last you for maybe.. a month? I've used it every other day for about 3 weeks now and I have disappointingly little left.

In regards to cost, Benefit charges £23.50 for this foundation (9.5g of product) which I think is ridiculously expensive in comparison to Clinique foundation (another premium beauty brand) which costs £21 for 30g of foundation.

As for how well it works as a foundation, I have to say it's brilliant. It gives gorgeous not too heavy coverage and creates a dewy finish. I don't find that you need much of the product to make a difference to your look (just trying to justify the price..). The 'Lite' shade is exactly perfect for my skin, and I don't feel that I look overdone while wearing it because the coverage is reasonably light.

I'd advise you to check out all your options before you're enticed into Benefit's hard sell of their products, once I was sat down in the makeover chair with Benefit products all over my face I found it very difficult not to buy anything. Maybe ask for some samples to take home with you to try in your own time with the brushes and tools you have already?

Much love <3

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