Monday, 27 June 2011

Review: Miss Sporty 'clubbing' nail varnish.

So I needed some nail varnish in the same shade as my prom dress (here, will post about it in due course). This was no mean feat however, as every single polish seemed to be just a bit too blue.

All but one that is! I picked up this Miss Sporty nail polish in Superdrug for the irresistible price of £1.99. It fit the brief, it is exactly the right colour - a great start.

I applied it as soon as I got home, just to see how long it lasted before Prom on Thusday (I'll obviously repaint on the day). The colour went on gorgeously and the consistency was perfect.

BUT- within an hour this is what my nails looked like -

Excuse awful photo, bad lighting :(
After only an hour. Not impressed at all, would not recommend it at all.

I wasn't expecting much for £1.99, but AN HOUR of wear? :(


  1. after an hour - wow that is awful! should send this post to them! xxxx

  2. wow that really is awful! I've never seen anything that bad before!