Sunday, 31 July 2011

Review: Bare Minerals Buxom Lip Polish in 'Dolly'

I received this lip polish in a gorgeous Bare Minerals 'eyes, cheeks and lips' kit for my birthday a couple of months back. It has become a firm favourite and you'll soon see why.
It transforms the smallest lips into gigantic tingling ones with just one sweep of the sponge wand.

So, on with the pictures. Please excuse the gash in my lip, my boyfriend accidentally headbutted me..

In 15 minutes my lips went from this..

To this! 

WHAM! I love the shade, it's a gorgeous pink - while not being too in your face. I have quite pigmented lips anyway, so I think this really brings that out in them.

The gloss in non-sticky, which is a real bonus for somebody like me with long hair!

The only downside of this lip polish is the price - £18 for 4g. This is justified to a degree as you really don't need to apply much to get this effect, plus well.. it's Bare Minerals!

What are your miracle products?

Thanks for reading!
Sara x


  1. Omg this is really pretty new blog follower!!

  2. Thanks for your comment and for following! It really is a great plumping gloss :)

  3. Your bf accidentally headbutted you.. haha! Im a follow you for making me laugh! :) (and i like polka dots) :P :)

  4. This is a gorgeous color! Thank you for following me, I'm following you now too :)

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    xo, Jay