Monday, 1 August 2011

Starting Project 10 Pan!

Decided that I need to use up some products that are cluttering my desk before buying any more. I've been tempted a lot recently with online sales, but when I realised I'd actually ran out of storage for the products I currently own I decided that enough was enough!

The best option I could think of was Project 10 Pan. The aim (as I'm sure you're aware) is to reach the pan (or end) of 10 products before you can buy any more.

I decided to modify the rules a little so as to only include 6 products, this way I've only chosen items that I know I have a chance of finishing before the end of the world!

Here are the products I'm including in the project:

No7 Cleanse and Clean - about 50% left.
No7 Shine Free Primer - about 60% left.

Vo5 Shine Styling Spray - about 70 left.
Body Shop Shimmer Body Lotion - about 95% left.

Benefit Some Kind-a Gorgeous - about 95% left.
Aussie Leave In Conditioner - about 30% left.

I'm excited about starting now! I wonder which I'll get through first.

Has anybody else started the Project 10 (in this case 6!) Pan?

Sara xx


  1. is the primer good? i really need one and have no idea which to get!

    and i have the leave in conditioner and love the smell of it!

    might have to start a project 10 plan!i have waaay to many products!

  2. I'd have to say that I've tried better primers. It does the job, sure, but it has a tendency to clump off it you try to rub it in too vigorously..

    The conditioner is one of my all time faves, I've gone through about five bottles!

    It's a great idea - I'd love to read your posts about it if you did start one!

  3. I've done the project pan 20 with success and now I dont even buy a lot of makeup.

  4. I could do with starting a project 10, running out of space and half of it just gets left alone, hardly used. I love that conditioner. Whats the Benefit Some Kind-a Gorgeous like? :)

  5. ARES - that's a good sign!

    Lucyylou - It's great, I did a review here: