Sunday, 7 August 2011

FIGHT! Makeup Academy vs. Clinique

Next in my series of FIGHT! posts comes lipsticks! Budget companies are challenging the age old myth that you need to spend a whole paycheck just to get a good lippy. Today we'll be watching up-and-coming budget beauty company MUA fight it out against the high end, and equally high priced Clinique.

Let the battle commence!

First up, MUA!
The budget contender today is available from Superdrug stores across Britain (more are stocking MUA every day) for the price of *splutters and gasps* only ONE POUND. That's right, for less than the price of a bottle of Coke you can pick up items of cosmetics ranging from highly pigmented eyeshadows, to glitter eyeliners, to lipsticks - all for £1. The lippy contender today is in the awfully memorable shade 10. Packaged in a shiny black tube it certainly looks more expensive than it's meagre price tag.

Now the competitor- CLINIQUE!
Clinique products can be found at beauty counters across the world, and their high reputation follows their equally high prices. This lipstick costs £16 - 16x more expensive than MUA! The high end contender is in the shade 'Wow Violet'. A sleek green tube encases this lippy, making it look very high class indeed - old chum!

3, 2, 1 - FIGHT!


I found MUA to go on rather dry, and didn't feel very moisturising as it swept across my lips. For a product costing £1 I guess you can't expect the finest jojoba oils or shea butter infused formula, and it's nothing a good lip balm base couldn't handle. The end result was smooth and even lip coverage, but not really anything to write home about. It went on well.. exactly how I expected a lipstick should. It did everything it needed to do, but didn't really stand out.

Clinique however, went on as a rich, creamy swoop of gorgeousness. I felt it nourishing and caressing my lips with it's expensive oils, and I must say it was all very luxurious. Applying this lipstick actually made me smile- and that's exceedingly worrying. It was just.. lovely.

How about a swatch on my hand for you lovely people?

On top, MUA, below is Clinique - although I'm sure you could tell.

How does it look?

Here's where the surprises start. From the 'meh' application of MUA and the 'MMMMM' equivalent of Clinique, I was a little worried that Clinique would be miles ahead throughout the rest of the right. I'm pleased to say that this isn't the case. They're actually very similar in terms of colour. Of course Clinique looks far more.. moisturisy, but considering MUA costs only £1 I'd say that what we have here is an exceptional 'dupe'. I think that with a slick of clear gloss, MUA could look much better.

I do have to say though, the colour is much less rich in MUA's lipstick contender.



Long lasting?

MUA yes, Clinique no. Simple as. I found the Clinique just slid off my lips (too much moisture?) and rubbed right off whenever I moved my lips. MUA however behaved more as a lip stain, and stayed put for much longer than you'd expect from a product costing only £1. I got a good 5 hours out of it before I had to reapply, and I'm happy to say that even though it did fade, it faded evenly, rather than leaving a horrible uneven mess.

Zooming through Clinique!


Another round to you MUA- congratulations. I would easily pay many times this price for this product (pleaseplease don't put prices up though, affordable is amazing!). I'd like to know whether your Pro range lipsticks (priced around £2, available soon!) will have a more moisturising build however - I can't wait to try and see!

For £16 Clinique, you certainly do perform. Your formula is silky smooth and colour payoff is unbeatable BUT I can imagine me powering through this lippy if you don't just make it last a little longer! Is this your aim? I don't wish to sound cynical, but it does seem odd that such an amazing product can have such little staying power. I'll look into it!


Another interesting FIGHT! Clinique's 'Wow Violet' is the better product overall, but for £1 MUA's shade 10 isn't half bad. It lasts hours, and the colour is pretty good. It's certainly much better than I expected it would be.

I'll definitely be trying more MUA products, just to see if any others surprise me as much as this lippy did. 

A shorter post this time- hope that's okay with everyone! I need to ready myself for the #bbloggers chat on Twitter in a few minutes.

Remember, any products or brands you'd like to see compared, just drop me a comment here or throw a tweet my way over at @shuttershimmer.

Thanks for reading!

Sara xx


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