Wednesday, 17 August 2011

OOTD - 16.08.11

Dress - Debenhams
Belt - Internacionale
Bracelet - Primark
Pashmina - eBay

This is my outfit for my friend's cocktail party last night. Well, I say party - there were four of us sat around chatting and generally not liking the cocktails we made - more practice needed I think! I won't be becoming a bartender any time soon though.

What's your favourite cocktail?

Sara x


  1. You look gorgeous! Love the dress, it really suits you. Hope you had a great time!
    My favourite Cocktail is... Sex on the beach ha ;) xx

  2. Thank yooou! Haha! We tried that but I think we put too much cranberry juice in, so it was a bit tart :( xx

  3. Love this dress!!! Very beautiful <3

  4. I love a mojito or pinacolada :)
    Gorgeous outfit.
    Lucy xx

  5. Can never go wrong with a maxi dress; they make you feel great!? And this one looks gorgeous :) x